Numerical EDS trajectory solver for large area detectors

This software calculates: (a) Effective solid angle under specimen tilt and shift condition, (b) Counts ratio, (c) Absolute counts of two elements. (d) Composition analysis based on counts/ratio method. It is based on numeric approach taking effects from multiple-detector geometry, Be holder absorption, holder frame shadowing, and specimen absorption in flat or complex geometry into consideration.

Download here

SER File Format QuickLook Plugin

This plugin makes it much more convenient to work with SER files on a mac. Currently, the program will preview only images stored in the SER format, and will indicate if the current file contains an image series.

Download here

Atom Column Indexing (ACI)

The atom column indexing approach was developed to map atomic resolution images into a convenient matrix representation. Through the combination of two-dimensional Gaussian fitting and the projective standard deviation, atom columns locations are projected onto two non-collinear reference lattice vectors that are used to assign each a unique (i, j) matrix index. By doing so, generalized and straightforward atomic resolution image analysis becomes possible. In practice, the matrix representation has greatly simplified categorizing atom columns and has enabled a myriad of direct analyses.

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